DIY – Ray Flash and PW miniTT1 Setup

chris martin photography-DIY Rayflash setup

[Inspiration for my setup came from a Photozo post here.]

You cannot use the Ray Flash as intended when you also have a Pocket Wizard miniTT1 on the hotshoe.  DIY fix:
  • Camera on tripod
  • PW miniTT1 on the camera hotshoe
  • GI transmitter on the PW miniTT1 hotshoe – which now works thanks to the recent miniTT1 firmware update
  • Sturdy light stand with mini-boom (fully collapsed and parallel to the ground)
  • An old metal umbrella bracket attached to the mini-boom
  • A new, common umbrella bracket attached to the metal umbrella bracket (this gives me lots of adjustment flexibility without relying on the mini-boom which wants to rotate due to the weight)
  • GI trigger attached with a stud to the common umbrella bracket
  • 580 EX II in the GI trigger hotshoe
  • Ray Flash mounted upside down to the 580 EX II
A little troublesome to move around!.