DIY – Tri Flash Bracket

NOTE: Not claiming to be the inventor of this idea!

I do not recommend using this with an inexpensive, hollow tube umbrella.  Although having a flash on each side does provide nice balance, you still have to tighten it down a little hard.  Second, it is a little unwieldy to get set up, but I will admit that it never budged during the hour long session.

chris martin photography - triFlash

chris martin photography - triFlash

  • Umbrella bracket #1 – set up normally, with one flash on top.
  • Umbrella bracket #2 – a flash on each end.
  • The umbrella goes through its normal hole in the dual flash bracket, then continues on to through the hole in the bracket mounted on the light stand.  Adjust the angle of the dual flash bracket as needed to get the best full coverage you can.
chris martin photography - triFlash