Back To Africa: WaterPowerPeace – Play For Power Project

Connecting students around the world through a sister school and an amazing playground that generates electricity, pumps water and provides sustainable energy!

Day 1: We have jumped into Crowd Funding and - We Are Live Today!  You can find us at the IndieGoGo –WaterPowerPeace page.  Please visit our funding page and read our story. 

To show up on the IndieGoGo browse page, we need to raise our first funds within two days of launching and keep the campaign active.

You can help in two ways:
  • Go to our IndieGoGo page and make a donation to our project AND
  • on our IndieGoGo page, right under the video, help us make some noise and share our project by “Liking” us on Facebook, Tweet about our project, G+ us, and email your contacts about us.
Anything you can do helps.

We will post updates and status reports here in this post and on our IndieGoGo page.

chris martin photogrpahy - WPP PlaygroundThe Power of a Playground - WaterPowerPeace’s centerpiece is an innovative playground that pumps clean water and generates electricity to use for lights, irrigation, charging stations and other important classroom aids.

chris martin photogrpahy - WPP Sinai chris martin photogrpahy - WPP Sinai1) Old water supply for the Sinai Primary School which is a 10-minute walk each way. 2) The new well and hand pump we installed last year.

There is still much to do.  In July two members of WaterPowerPeace (WPP) will travel to Babati, Tanzania and spend five weeks acquiring materials for the irrigation system to be installed at the Sinai Primary School, begin planting seedlings and will then begin work on a book of photographs, interviews and the culture of Babati to be published and sold to help raise funds for installation of the playground.

This fundraising effort is primarily for airfare, visas, local travel and expenses for the two member team spending five weeks in Babati this summer.  Any monies collected in excess of our goal, will be put toward the same for the second team arriving in August.  Beyond that funds will go directly toward installation of the playground in Babati next summer.

If you would like more information about our project, contact me directly or visit the main WaterPowerPeace site.

Thank you.