Seamless white…revisited

There are lots of ways to do a seamless white shot.  Zack Arias does a great job of explaining the method. Scott Kelby shows another way. I even posted a version a while ago here. For head-shots only, checking out Peter Hurley is a must!

Here is another simple setup that is close to the Scott Kelby one listed above, but a little easier to set up and requires less gear.

Use whatever lights you would normally use to light your model or product plus this neat little background setup:

1 light stand,
1 boom, reflector holder or background pole kit,
1 diffuser, and
1 (or more) light to shoot through the diffuser – I have only ever needed one light

Below is a diagram showing a traditional seamless white background setup and one showing this simple version.  After that are a couple different shots showing some results.

chris martin photography - alternative seamless whitechris martin photography - alternative seamless white

You can get a great head-shot on a white background with two lights, a reflector and a diffuser!  I have several different diffusers (actually 5-in-1 reflectors): 22” diam., 42” diam., and 42” x 72” rectangular.  This last one is a little heavy so when using that I usually clip it to a background pole setup.

chris martin photography - alternative seamless white 
chris martin photography - alternative seamless white
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