DIY – Custom Folded Greeting Cards

Make your own custom, folded 5x7 cards.  (I would provide the Adobe Illustrator file if I could, but I don’t think my free blogger service will let me do that.)

chris martin photography - DIY Custom Folded Greeting Cards

So, here is how to do it:
  • Set up a custom document as 7” wide x 10” tall.
  • Using guides, split the Art Board in half.
  • Perform all of the following steps, each on a separate layer.
  • In the top half, make a rectangle that is 6.2” x 4.2” that will be the outer border of your photo.  Don’t worry about the color just yet.
  • If you want to get creative, make another rectangle that is 6.1” x 4.1” and will be an inner border.
  • Align both the outer and inner border horizontally and vertically.  Then center both of these in the top half of your card.
  • On the bottom half of your card, add your text.  I have my logo, business name, address, phone, and URL.
When I am making a card, on the uppermost layer, I place a copy of the image that I will be printing.  Using the eyedropper tool, I select colors from my photo for the inner and outer boarders that are appealing.  Then turn off the layer where you placed the photo before printing.  You will be printing the photo on photo paper and mounting it to the card in the last step.

Buy colored and textured card stock at a scrapbook store.  They have hundreds of colors.  Most commonly I use white, though.
  • Trim the stock to 10” x 7”.
  • Ignore the offset look to the card.  Print as custom 10” x 7“, no scaling.

After printing:
  • On the inside of card mark the 5”, or half-way point, with a pencil (both edges)
  • Using a special scoring blade on your trimmer, gently score the inside of card along this line.
  • Print your 4" x 6" photo on photo paper.  I have a Canon Pixma i3600 that I got for $69 and have been completely satisfied with everything that has popped out of it.
  • Mount the picture inside your border, fold along the scored line and send it on its way!