what’s in a name?

[This is a slight deviation in the story, but interesting enough, at least to me, to cause a short break in the story.]

Just the other day, or actually every day, I was “Googling” myself to see if my photography web site or this blog would appear. No neither of those showed up, but what did was list out were two main items:

1.) Chris Martin of Cold Play – no surprises there, and
2.) An amazingly long list of folks named Chris or Christopher Martin who are photographers.

I was truly amazed at how many there are and the apparent complete lack of uniqueness of our name in this field. Below is as much of the list as I could stand to generate. I wonder - if any one of them wants to bring suit against the rest of us for name infraction what would happen? Would it be a class action law suit?

SEARCH: Chris Martin Photography

Name: Chris Martin Photography
Link: http://www.chrismartinphotography.co.uk/
Location: Guildford, UK

Name: Chris Martin Photography
Link: http://www.chrismartinphoto.com/Chris_Martin_Photography/Home.html
Location: Colorado, USA

Name: Martin Christopher Photography
(I realize it is backwards, but it still comes up in the search)
Link: http://www.martinchristopher.com/
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Name: Christopher T Martin Photography
Link: http://altpick.com/cmartinphoto/, http://www.christophertmartin.com/
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Name: Chris Martin Photography
Link: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=434493409
Location: Modesto, California, USA

Name: Chris Martin Studios
Link: http://www.chrismartin.com/, http://www.chrismartinstudios.com/
Location: Washington, USA

Name: Chris Martin Photographer
Link: https://www.usefilm.com/photographer.asp?P=1&C=12&ID=78391&PF=0
Location: New Hampshire, USA

Name: Chris Triance-Martin Photographer
Link: http://www.christriancemartin.com/
Location: London, Canada
Note: Nudes – not work safe

Name: Chris Martin – Photographer
Link: http://www.chrismartinphotographer.com/
Location: Africa

Name: Christopher Martin Photography
Link: http://www.chrismartin.co.uk/
Location: UK

Name: Chris Martin Photography
Link: http://www.photoboxgallery.com/chrismartinphotography/813685
Location: UK